Adventure awaits!

The tickets are purchased and the housing is secured. We will be in Switzerland for one month this summer! Our (shorter) vacation to Switzerland last year should prepare us for this longer stay, but there will be many more logistics to consider as we try to immerse ourselves in a more “daily life” routine. How and where will we do laundry? How does the toy lending library work? Where is the closest playground?
I’m hopeful that our host will be able to provide some insight and guidance, but I don’t want to impose too much.

One of my main concerns for this type of travel with a toddler is figuring out a daily routine and schedule. I think it will make all of us happier if we can establish regular wake/eat/nap patterns and fit our activities to them, instead of the other way around.

That’s why I’m so happy that we found apartment-style lodging. If we were staying in a hotel or bed & breakfast, I would lose the ability to do other things while E is napping. With this set-up, I can make a meal or attend to other chores without disturbing him. And we will have a little more space to spread out. Tripping over suitcases and piles of stuff makes everyone cranky. In the coming months I’ll be looking for travel gear that helps maximize our limited space and increases our travel efficiency and comfort.

European guesthouse Switzerland

Our accommodations in Solothurn, Switzerland

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