Packing list for European travel

I’m a big believer in minimal packing when possible. Lugging suitcases and tripping over piles of clothes and shoes in a small space is not my idea of a good time. But we will be in Switzerland for four weeks. The weather is a bit unpredictable and the climate changes with the elevation.

So my plan is to streamline when I can, but not have to do laundry more than once a week. Here’s my packing list:
1 skirt (can double as swimsuit cover up)
3 pairs of pants (one converts to Capri length)
1 pair yoga pants (for sleeping)
3 short sleeve t shirts
1 button down shirt
2 long sleeve shirts
2 cardigans
3 tank tops (use one for sleeping)
1 hoodie
1 running skirt
1 pair ballet flats
1 pair trail shoes
1 pair sneakers
A weeks worth of socks and underwear
1 infinity scarf

That’s it! I doubt I’ll use the running skirt for running (though I’d like to) but if there are any hot and steamy days, I can wear them in place of shorts. I have a mix of cotton and technical fabrics and everything is in a neutral color so they can all be thrown in the wash together and I can endlessly mix and match.


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