Crate expectations: The Furth Apple Market

Apple Market in Furth, Germany

While I am used to a robust apple season in the U.S.–with trips to the orchards and roadside stands each autumn–the Apple Market we attended in Furth flipped this idea on its head. Dozens of local growers brought their bounty to the city park and set up shop along the walkways. And people came to BUY! I saw customers with backpacks, wagons, market baskets, even rolling suitcases filled with apples. Unlike the locals with kitchens (we’re still living in a hotel) we weren’t there to stock up for the season. We were betting on the snacks.

As Germany has proved to us day in and day out, we were not disappointed. Apple-everything of course, but there were a few standouts.

dessert at the Furth Apple Market

Treats at every turn.

A local church had a booth selling fried goodness in all shapes and sizes. Rosettes, Schneeballen, and other treats created a long line of hungry customers. Seeing and tasting the rosettes brought back some fond memories of family Christmas traditions for Ken, and Evan enjoyed his introduction to it as well (I think the powdered sugar sealed the deal.)

Enjoying a snack at the Furth Apple Market

Luckily, we convinced him to share.

The highlight for me was the freshly pressed apple cider. Literally could not have been fresher, as it was pressed right in front of us directly into our cup. The essence of autumn in a glass.

apple cider press

Along with the apples, there were nuts, fall flowers, wine and vinegars and smoked fish.

nuts for sale in Furth

Get crackin’.

Furth Apple Market vendor

Apple Queen

The Apple Queen even made an appearance.

At the end of the morning we had a small bag of apples, a smoked trout and bellies full of rosettes. Not a bad way to spend a crisp fall morning in Germany.

apples and nuts in Furth

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