A grey day in Zurich

Zurich clock tower

There is no excuse for being late in Switzerland!

When the weather won’t cooperate for another hiking day, that just means it’s time to take in the city sights. Ken has a former colleague who is living in Zurich, so we jumped on the train and headed over to meet him for the afternoon. Though we visited Switzerland last year, we never made it to Zurich, since we spent the majority of our time in the French-speaking western section of the country. In my mind, Zurich was a bit intimidating and imposing. As the epicenter of so much international business and finance, I imagined the entire city like a large bank: cold, shiny and austere. I was completely wrong.

boys in Zurich park

Don’t let the sweet faces fool you. Those boys are filling up the city-provided dog-poo bags with water and whipping them at each other in a make-shift water balloon fight.

Of course, in one afternoon, we only saw a small glimpse of the city, but what we were able to take in was full of charm, history and friendly faces. Our friend David met us at the train station and took us on a short walk through an older section of the city toward one of his favorite restaurants. walking through Zurich The pizza place seemed like a hub of expats, full of young families and groups of friends. Everyone was chatting in various languages, but the wait staff addressed each table in English first, then switched to any number of languages, depending on the response. The pizza was amazing. A crust that was almost phyllo-dough like, topped with all sorts of ingredients, but without a tomato sauce base. Mine was feta, ricotta, honey and rosemary. So delicious! We finished our meal with cafe creme, just right for a drizzly day.

pizza in Zurich

Honey, rosemary and feta pizza. Accompanied by croissants, of course.

But no afternoon out is complete without ice cream, so we walked over to a fro-yo shop. Tangy frozen yogurt with your choice of toppings and a sofa to sit on to watch the world go by–a great way to spend the day. Big thanks to David for being a wonderful Zurich host!

frozen yogurt from I Love Leo in Zurich

Some people like candied nuts, some people like chocolate cookies, and some people like fresh berries.


Running commentary

City Running Tours

From City Running Tours

I’ve recently been doing my best to re-up my fitness level. I’ve signed up for a few 5K races around town and been jogging around the neighborhood (Yup, that person on the sidewalk flailing like Phoebe on “Friends”? That’s me.) Going down the Internet rabbit hole looking for running routes, I found this company: City Running Tours. They give tours of great U.S. cities by creating a 5K route that showcases the historic and off-the-beaten path landmarks.

They have tours in many major cities, including New York, San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis. (I would like to proudly point out that the photo for the Minneapolis route is the only city that uses a brewery.)

City Running Tours at Fulton Brewery, Minneapolis

From City Running Tours

Prices start at about $25 and go up to around $40 for beer tasting runs.

 This seems like the perfect thing when traveling when you might not want to run alone for fear of getting lost and the guides carry all your stuff so you don’t need to worry about having your phone/wallet/keys/water with you.

I think the next time I travel for work I might just do a little urban exploration at a slightly faster pace.

From City Running Tours

From City Running Tours