Bag lady be gone



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I hate that loaded-down sherpa feeling that most women I know succumb to each morning: handbag, bag for shoes, workout bag, bag for kid’s stuff, maybe a big with lunch…it’s too much! As my Pinterest board proves, I’ve spend the better part of the last few months searching for one do-almost-everything bag. I thought my requests were simple. It needed to be big enough to hold most of a day’s worth of stuff. It needed outside pockets for easy access to wallet, phone, keycard and keys. It needed both handles and cross-body strap. It needed a non-zippered main compartment. This last one proved to be the trickiest. I know there are safety concerns, but convenience trumped it. When I’m holding a kid in one arm and trying to buy or find something with the other, I need to be able to open the bag with one hand.

Then today, I think I found it.


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The Driver bag from Chester Wallace. Nothing fancy, and certainly not girly, but it will get the job done. Handmade in Oregon, it’s big, deep, sturdy and useful so I can have one bag for everything all day and still have an arm free for holding little hands or dog leashes or what-have-you.